What does SB acronym mean?

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My name is John I am 22 years old and I want to tell you something that happened to me a couple of weeks ago, my brother Mike had arrived from his European trip because it was his birthday, so as I was his only family I decided to take him on a trip as a gift.
Rent some cabins in the middle of the forest and we stayed there for a couple of days. When we arrived the cabin was quite cute, he and I were happy, walking inside we got to one of the rooms that had a window that opened outwards.
At the time of entering Mike felt like a bad vibe about it’s place (he was always weird in that regard) and told me that he did not want that room and that I stay with her, accept and continue.
Arriving the night after dinner we went to sleep, until there everything well.
It was like four o’clock in the morning when I woke up for some noises coming from the window, when I opened my eyes I noticed a face that was watching me stop and I went, it was there when the mysterious face went away That I just went to sleep I was not so scared because I rather thought that I was inside a dream.
On the morning of the second day I did not tell Mike anything just because I thought it had been a nightmare, the day passed and when it was 12 o’clock that night, that’s when I went back to sleep, And at about 4 o’clock in the morning another Sound fuel that woke me up and the same face looks out the window this time I was sure it was not a dream and I was paralyzed we did not stare for a while and the specter that was gone.
That same morning was when I could tell Mike about what had happened and he only answered “it sure is some ghost who comes to seek revenge haha” I had said it in mockery, so I did not say anything And we continue to have breakfast. At noon we both went for a walk in the forest, we walked so much that my brother started to hurt his feet and we had to stop at what seemed to be another abandoned cabin at that time was when he told me that he started to feel the same strange vibe that When we were in my room that day, but he also said that he was not afraid to go in to rest there.
The hut looked abandoned and one of the walls was marked with blood “SB” next to a letter that read: "We were quiet when one of the boys appeared tattooed with blood SB, we could not do anything we wait quietly His inevitable arrival, his inevitable death. "Mike and I froze and decided to return.
After dinner I went to bed waiting in fear that the same face would appear but this time did not happen.
When I woke up I felt strange because my face had not come to visit but I was scared if I had done it with my brother. In La Cocina I found a note from Mike saying that I had gone out for a walk and I went to look for him. Of a time walking I found he was wounded and chopped in the chest and legs, I asked who had done this and said that all he remembered was a man with a mask that the only thing he said was “SB” and he told me That he could not tell the police what had happened because the one who did it was not someone, but something. Desperate to take him to the nearest hospital and I stayed with the two days.
When I went to collect our belongings to the cabin I decided to stay there that night to photograph the mysterious face that I had done that to my brother, it was, I became the sleeper all night and when he appeared he photographed and disappeared.
My brother for now is fine, I do this just in case someone knows the acronym “SB” would help me a lot, thanks for Reading. :slight_smile:
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